Bitch Lands!

bitch3Playing Magic is always fun, but sometimes you have to make it even more fun. And how could you do that any better than adding your own custom stuff to it? Of course, you are not allowed to use home-made/custom cards but for a round of kitchen table magic me and my playgroup agreed that it’s perfectly fine to add some beautification to simple cards such as basic lands. I really liked some of the older artworks and the new Zendikar Expedition land frames. Sadly you can not get both in a single card from Wizards of the Coast, so I made them myself.

The cards are all made in Photoshop. First I vectorized the frame based on a copy of an official Zendikar Expedition dual land: Create a transparent vector layer, put the source image and spend roughly an hour with the line tool redrawing the edges. Then I used an earthen texture to as an overlay to fill the frame. After that, the rest is straight forward. Add twins and border lines, color it all up and print it on a empty card. How to get that empty card you ask? Well, there are two ways: either deink a normal or foil card with acetone card or remove the foil of a foil card with a razor blade. Both options have pros and cons: Deinking a normal card is cheap, just use a basic land for example. However no matter how well you work, there will always be some ink left in the deeper layers of the card that you can only remove by damaging the surface so the card will always look a little patchy and not perfectly white. Deinknig a foil results in an empty foil (really?), but since foils are not white and a (common) printer can not print white colors, the card will look darker than expected and not even close to a real foil card. So I usually choose to remove the foil of a foil card completely followed by clearing any remaining glue using acetone. I loose the shimmering foil, but I usually buy those in bundles of 100 randoms resulting in an avg. price of 5 to 10 cents per card which I consider as acceptable. In exchange I get a perfectly even, white, shiny card to print on using my laser printer.

Ok, to make it short, here are (some) of the templates. Find all of them in this zip-file.


Oh and for some decks, there is a special set of lands that for some reason are called ‘bitch lands’…



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