Fixing Gimp’s “green antialiasing” bug

 Recently I ran into a strange bug: Adding (white) text to an image in Gimp 2.8 adds a strange green border to the text for as long as antialiasing is turned on. Well turning it off is definitely not an option and workarounds like creating a floating selection from the text to fill it with the desired color is so bad, i wouldn’t even call it a workaround…

It seems that this behavior is caused by Gimp in combination with RGB font hinting. It’s not a problem with Gimp 2.8 only, the net is full with reports reaching back to around 2011. Since I like my fonts crisp and beautiful, I couldn’t actually turn off RGB font hinting. In addition I am using the awesome Infinality/fontconfig-ultimate bundle and I relly don’t want to drop it for some other freetype library/patchset. So the solution for me was to turn off font hinting for Gimp only. To do that, all you have to do is to add a short configuration file to ~/.gimp-2.8/fonts.conf:

This fixed the problem for me. By the way, to fix the issue for any user on your system, there is a global configuration located at /etc/gimp/2.0/fonts.conf (create this file if it’s not there and copy/paste the code above).

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  1. Having this issue for the first time in 2017, lol. Your fix still works, though.

  2. dtr says:

    Yeah, the bug suddenly strikes again in 2017. Thanks for the tip, it helped.

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