Minimalistic tattoo tokens for Magic

If you are playing Magic: The Gathering, you will know that you sometimes need tokens to represent basic creatures in the game. And yes, there are official ones but you might be bored of them (although I really the recent Goblin tokens from KTK…). If so, you should have a look at the tokens I created for our playgroup.

The idea was to create some really basic tokens, the background representing the color in game and the ornament in the middle depicting the creature’s type. And yes, the numbers in the corners are power and toughness. Beside the Wolf token you can see in this post, I created five more: Elemental (red), Zombie (black), Merfolk (blue), Spirit (white) and Beast (green).

In case you like those, just go ahead and use them. A printer-ready version (600dpi PNG) and the template itself (zipped Inkscape SVG) can be found here:

600dpi Tattoo Tokens — Tattoo Token Template

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