December 15, 2015

Bitch Lands!

bitch3Playing Magic is always fun, but sometimes you have to make it even more fun. And how could you do that any better than adding your own custom stuff to it? Of course, you are not allowed to use home-made/custom cards but for a round of kitchen table magic me and my playgroup agreed that it’s perfectly fine to add some beautification to simple cards such as basic lands. I really liked some of the older artworks and the new Zendikar Expedition land frames. Sadly you can not get both in a single card from Wizards of the Coast, so I made them myself.


Fixing Gimp’s “green antialiasing” bug

 Recently I ran into a strange bug: Adding (white) text to an image in Gimp 2.8 adds a strange green border to the text for as long as antialiasing is turned on. Well turning it off is definitely not an option and workarounds like creating a floating selection from the text to fill it with the desired color is so bad, i wouldn’t even call it a workaround…