Oct, 2014

Resources in Magic: Card Quality

I recently played an enemy that constantly complained about me being so lucky and always drawing the right card when I need to. Well, this made me think. He was right, I usually got the cards I needed but I don’t think it was all about being lucky. I just was able to constantly improve the quality of cards I was going to draw, of the cards in my hand and finally the amount of cards I was going to draw. I was simply able to use my card resources in a more efficient way.


Linux & Ralink’s RT5392

Last weekend I visited my parents. And as always, they had some computer stuff to fix for me. Something with the printer which wasn’t printing. Ok, the printer was fixed quite quickly but while I used that Notebook I really thought I could need some updates. The installed OS was Ubuntu 10.04 “Lucid Lynx” which is around 2 years old. Well, Ubuntu can do release upgrades pretty comfortable via one simple command, so hey, what could possibly go wrong? It turns out: Wifi can.


dwm on duty ‒ Part 2

Ok, so last time I wrote part one of my mini series of how I switched from XMonad to dwm. Following today is – and what else could it be – part two. As promised, this post will explain a bit more in detail how dwm is meant to be extended and what patches I am currently using.


dwm on duty ‒ Part 1

Recently I switched to dwm from XMonad. It’s not that I am unhappy with XMonad in any way, I just wanted to see what all those alternatives out there are capable of and if there is something that might suit my needs in a better way. So, dwm is my first stop. (more…)